French Butcher Tear-Gassed by Youth Gang for Selling Pork

A butcher shop in Lyon, France, was targeted for selling pork by a gang of youths who discharged tear gas into the business, according to reports.

Employees of the meat market and caterer say a gang of hoodlums as young as 12-years-old began hurling insults and complaining that the store sold pork products, Le Progrès reports.

"They accused us of selling pork," one staff work said.

The gang was told to leave the premises, which they did.

Fifteen minutes later, the group returned, this time with a "large tear gas cannister," which they deployed in the shop with customers present.

Police arrived and chased the youths away, but they returned a third time, armed with a 'dummy gun.'

“They were taunting us from the square. One pointed a fake gun at us, two threatened us with obscene gestures and the others laughed," one saleswoman said.

A rock was thrown against a glass window, but did not cause damage.

The butcher shop filed a complaint with police, and a 12-year-old suspect was detained and questioned.

An investigation into the series of attacks has been opened by local authorities.

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