French City Rocked by Explosions, Fires as Police Battle 'Urban Violence'

Fires raged in the French city of Lyon amid a series of explosions and arson attacks on Thursday.

Police officers came under attack as the district of La Duchère was rocked by ‘urban violence’ blamed on a near-fatal crash of a teenager riding a stolen scooter on Wednesday.

The crash occurred under otherwise unclear circumstances, but ‘youths’ in the region have used it as an excuse to wage war on cops and destroy private and public property in the region.

Multiple cars and motorcycles were destroyed by arsonists and smoke could be seen billowing over the city in videos shared to social media.

“Bus stops have been vandalized and other vehicles damaged. Video surveillance was also damaged,” Actu 17 reports. “The police were the target of fireworks mortars and projectile launches. The officials used tear gas.”

At least twelve suspects were arrested during the chaos, according to local media.

A word of warning from Ben Stein: "This booster is a killer."

(PHOTO: Screenshots / Twitter)

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