French Firefighters Hit With Stones, Explosives in Multiple Ambushes

Firefighters were called to multiple blazes only to be met by assailants armed with projectiles and explosives on the same night in France this week, according to reports.

Two ambushes unfolded minutes apart on Monday night in the department of Yvelines near Paris.

At around 8:30 p.m. emergency services received a call about a fire in a trash room in the commune of Plaisir.

After successfully extinguishing the blaze, firefighters were preparing to leave when they came under attack with fireworks and other explosives.

Police officers used their weapons to cover the fire squad until they could reach safety.

Half an hour later, another conflagration was reported roughly 30 kilometers away in the commune of Les Mureaux.

Firefighters and a police escort were pelted with rocks and projectiles as they arrived on the scene.

After determining the blaze was contained within a trash can and did not pose a greater threat, officials quickly fled the area.

Police and emergency crews are frequently ambushed in Western European countries, particularly in migrant enclaves and 'no-go' zones where assailants draw little distinction between cops and first responders.

"The rules of intervention are particularly strict when they take place in the middle of an episode of urban violence," Le Parisien reports. "For example, firefighters' vehicles must reverse into dead ends to evacuate quickly if necessary. Officers will also check the scene before launching operations. They can then call for reinforcements if necessary. Beyond a certain distance, firefighters must remain in vehicles with reinforced windows to resist projectiles."

Assaults on fire personnel across France rose by 23 percent between 2017 and 2019, with French media calling it the "new normal."

The people stand down as our children continue to be sacrificed.


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