Journalist Blasts ‘Absurdity’ of National Quarantine With Open Borders

The French government neglected to close its national borders at the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, instead imposing ‘borders’ around every citizen in the form of a strict quarantine, according to journalist François Lenglet.

Lenglet slammed the misguided approach during a recent interview, calling it “absurd.”

“We delayed closing the borders for ideological reasons,” Lenglet said. "A quarantine, what is it? It’s like a border. So each one of us is in his own little republic. We’re not allowed to go out so we don’t contaminate others and so we won’t be exposed. That’s the definition of a border.”

“We’ve closed the borders, but just around each one of us.”

Lenglet asserts France should have sealed its borders as soon as the budding pandemic became known.

“They tell us, ‘The virus doesn’t respect borders!’ Excuse me?” Lenglet said. “The virus doesn’t travel by foot, but in people, in whom it travels across borders. If you block the people, the virus is blocked as well.”

“I think that the ideology concerning borders has become detrimental.”

France has imposed one of the strictest national quarantines in the world.

Residents are now required to produce a government form stating their purpose for travel any time they are outside of their homes, as Infowars Europe has reported.

However, flights originating in China and New York City are still landing in Paris.

France has 59,105 confirmed coronavirus cases and 5,387 related deaths at the time of this writing.

Translation and transcription provided courtesy of Vlad Tepes.

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