French Journalist: Marxist-Islamist Coalition Waging War on Western Civilization

Western civilization is under siege from a coalition of radical Marxists and Islamists who are executing a nearly identical battle strategy on multiple continents, according to French political journalist and intellectual Eric Zemmour.

Zemmour, one of Europe’s most prominent critics of mass migration and Islamization, asserts that widespread rioting and violence rocking cities across the West are the product of decades of planning by social architects and revolutionary groups whose aim it is to overthrow capitalism and Christendom.

“You could imagine it’s Stuttgart, but it could be in Paris. Then you could imagine it’s Brussels, or it could be in London, or it could be in Minneapolis,” Zemmour said of anarchic scenes playing out in Western cities during an appearance on French talk show Face à l’Info.

He described the current moment as a “historic” one, in which a long-anticipated “convergence of struggles” has finally arrived and set its collective mind to destroying the West.

“That means the leftists, the Antifa, have allied with the migrants. And these people,
the Antifa, the leftists, who dream of beating world capitalism, who dream of beating
the white Western countries – that’s how they talk – they have found their ‘proletariat’ which will launch the attack on those countries. Meaning, the Africans, the Maghreb migrants, etc.,” Zemmour explained.

“We can see that little by little, the class war has become a race war — between civilizations, between the Christian world and the Islamic world. We can all see this is happening and that in all countries the same thing is happening.”

Zemmour accuses the mainstream media of helping to hide the signs of trouble brewing in Western nations, while now feigning surprise as mobs take to the streets to attack police, hunt innocents, and destroy property.

“It’s by design,” Zemmour said. “Like Germany, [the Swedes] weren’t colonizing countries. So they aren’t people who have to pay for colonization, and yet… it’s the same images. The same riots. The same violence. The same movements. The same faces. All the same thing.”

Translation and transcription courtesy of RAIR Foundation.

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