French Officer Stabbed by Suspect Carrying Knives, Hatchet

A French police officer is recovering from a stab wound suffered while arresting a suspect armed with multiple knifes and a hatchet in Nantes this weekend, according to reports.

Criminals in the Bourdonnières district of the city have reportedly been luring cops into ambushes by blocking roads with construction materials and road cones and then attacking responding patrols with fireworks and other explosives when they arrive.

"Same neighborhood, same event last night," Ouest France reported on Sunday. "A little before one o'clock in the morning this Sunday, the police noticed, on rue Léon-Haury, individuals dragging on the road a traffic sign and its concrete base."

"Other signs and the Lubeck cone were already blocking traffic. At the sight of the patrol, two men ran away immediately, before throwing a few firecrackers."

Officers pursued the suspects on foot, eventually catching one man who was brandishing a knife.

During a scuffle, the suspect reportedly stabbed one of the cops in the thigh.

As back-up arrived, the suspect threatened other officers with his blade, but after warning shots were fired, he was disarmed and arrested.

A backpack the man was carrying contained a hatchet and two more knives, police say.

Authorities have opened an investigation into attempted homicide.

Ambush attacks on police and fire responders have become commonplace in France, particularly in neighborhoods with large migrant populations.

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