French Passenger Train Struck by Gunfire

A high-speed passenger train was hit with gunfire in France on Wednesday night, according to reports.

The SNCF train was nearing Saint-Charles station in Marseille at approximately 9 p.m. when it was struck by at least eight bullets, the company confirmed.

"Several impacts were noted on at least one window of a car, and one of the projectiles even went through a metal part of the train," RTL reports.

A company spokesman says "one or two picture windows of the TGV cars" were cracked.

Fortunately, no passengers were injured in the the shooting, which took place at the exit of a tunnel along the high-speed line.

The driver of another train passing through the same location minutes later observed a "flash" that could be attributed to additional gunfire or ricochets, but no damage was detected on the second train.

"The shots were fired at the exit of the tunnel located at Boulevard Henri-Barnier (15th), by several individuals. On the spot, the police did not find any suspect or any projectile," Actu 17 reports.

Authorities have opened an investigation and SNCF has stressed that trains being hit with projectiles is an "extremely rare" occurrence.

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