French Police Ambushed by Fireworks Gang

French police officers were injured when their vehicle was attacked by a gang shooting fireworks at close range, according to local media.

The patrol was passing through a neighborhood in Yvelines when it was ambushed by approximately six suspects.

Video of the siege was shared to social media, indicating it may have been premeditated, Actu17 reports.

"The neighborhood was quiet when around 22:20, a municipal police car that passed Place des Violettes and rue des Frères Tissier in Carrières-sous-Poissy, was the target of fireworks fire by half a dozen individuals. One of the attackers suddenly approached the vehicle to use his mortar against the police."

The driver of the vehicle can be seen losing control and nearly crashing into parked cars at the onset of the siege before speeding off as the assailants give chase.

Two officers reportedly sustained burns to the head and arms after at least one of the explosives entered the vehicle, and all three officers involved are suffering from tinnitus.

Additional patrols were deployed to the neighborhood, but none of the suspects could be located and no arrests were made.

Europe appears lost as reports emerge that German police are actually covering up migrant crimes to push the narrative that migrants are never violent or break the law and should be welcomed with open arms.

(PHOTO: Screenshots / Twitter)

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