French Police Department Attacked by "Hostile Individuals"

Officers from a police department in Greater Paris have been ambushed in multiple attacks by large groups of militants in recent days, according to local media.

A police patrol in the Seine-Saint-Denis region of the Paris suburbs was attacked on Tuesday night by some 20 "hostile individuals who had obviously prepared their act," just days after the patrol's base station was besieged by 30 insurgents deploying fireworks and other incendiary devices.

"Arriving at the corner of the allée de l'Ile-de-France and the avenue du 8 mai 45 in the cité des Fauvettes, the officials were struck with various projectiles," Actu17 reports.

"To defend themselves, the police used several shots of LBD 40 (defensive bullet launcher), as well as two tear gas canisters. The arrival of reinforcements made it possible to contain the attackers. The IBC police car was slightly damaged but no injuries were reported from the police side."

Police say one their assailants was taken into custody after reinforcements arrived.

The nearby Saint-Denis department was bombarded on Saturday night by a group firing explosives while yelling "F**k the police."

"Urban violence broke out and the police used their LBDs, some 60 shots were recorded according to our information," Actu17 reports. "Officials also used 12 MP7 tear gas grenades but also 11 disbursement grenades, while CRS arrived as reinforcements."

Videos from the attack were broadcast on Snapchat.

At least six cars were incinerated in the attack and the police station sustained damage, but no officers were injured.

"We are dealing with determined individuals who use not only firecrackers, but also pyrotechnic devices fired at our colleagues," said a police spokesman. "We really fear that it will end in tragedy one day."

In a separate incident during the weekend, police in Essonne were reportedly attacked by a group of roughly 30 militants firing explosives, as well.

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