French Police Fire Upon Motorist at Coronavirus Checkpoint

A dangerous confrontation at a coronavirus checkpoint in France resulted in police opening fire on a vehicle, according to reports.

French residents are now required to produce a government form stating their purpose for travel any time they are outside of their homes, as Infowars Europe has reported.

In Cagnes-sur-Mer, a driver allegedly refused to comply with police orders at a mandatory checkpoint and attempted to flee in a reckless manner that endangered the life of an officer, who ultimately responded with deadly force.

“During the check, the driver stopped, had a brief exchange with a police officer before suddenly driving towards a police officer, according to a witness and the victim themself,” local prosecutor Fabienne Atzori told Ouest France.

“According to the witness, the policeman’s life was at risk.”

The officer fired shots at the vehicle, but the driver fled the scene and was still at large on Monday.

The driver is now wanted for “refusal to comply and committing intentional violence with a weapon against a person holding public authority."

Multiple travelers are also facing penalties for refusing to comply at checkpoints.

“Since this Saturday, we have had an increase in inappropriate behavior during controls,” said Atzori.

“They're not all as serious, but they do show that some people are showing firm opposition to these types of checks.”

America is entering permanent martial law, warns legal scholar and attorney Robert Barnes.


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