French Police Open Fire on Truckload of Migrants During Pursuit Near Italian Border

A wild police pursuit involving a truck carrying illegal aliens ended after French police opened fire on the vehicle, killing an African migrant, according to reports.

The dangerous incident unfolded on Tuesday night along the border of Italy and France near the city of Nice.

A refrigerated cargo truck blew through a checkpoint in Italy and entered French territory at high speed.

Italian authorities alerted their French counterparts about the vehicle, which was suspected of carrying "foreigners in an irregular situation," Xavier Bonhommethe, prosecutor of the Republic of Nice, explained in a press release.

Officers located the truck in the French town of Sospel and pursued it for approximately 30 kilometers to the commune of Cantaron.

At this point, the driver attempted to ram a police roadblock, prompting an officer to open fire, striking the truck at least twice.

Video of the chase purportedly shot by a witness was shared on social media.

"The van ended its escape in the sensitive district of Les Moulins, in Nice, where it was abandoned by its driver and his two passengers seated in the front," Le Figaro reports.

"Inside, five migrants were discovered, including a 35-year-old Egyptian who was shot in the head and transported 'in absolute critical emergency' to hospital."

The Egyptian man later succumbed to his injuries.

An investigation is ongoing.

Illegal migrants have been swarming the region where Italy meets southern France, with nearly 100 arriving in the Italian resort town of Liguria every day.

In April, two migrants were killed and a third badly injured when they were hit by a truck while running on the A10 highway in Italy near the French border.

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