French Police Targeted With Explosives Amid Surge of Urban Warfare

French police have been engaged in urban warfare in multiple cities with combatants utilizing fireworks, Molotov cocktails, and other deadly weapons, according to reports.

In the Paris suburb of Argenteuil, officers and fire crews have been targeted in a series of ongoing ambushes around the commune, Actu17 reports.

“For 3/4 days, the police have been victims of stone throwing and mortar fire in Argenteuil," the national police department of Val-d'Oise wrote on Twitter.

“The attackers are ambushing to injure, kill and destroy. What explanations? What justifications? What fallacious excuses? ABSOLUTELY NONE.”

Video footage from at least one battle was shared on social media.

Roughly 90 officers were deployed on Sunday night after one patrol was attacked with a Molotov cocktail and another was hit with incendiary devices.

During a separate incident, a bus was shot with fireworks.

In Lyon, authorities have been involved in similar clashes with violent insurgents.

Firefighters responding to a car blaze in the commune of Bron came under fire from assailants armed with fireworks and explosives, Actu17 reports.

Responding police were also attacked, prompting the deployment of Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité, a specialized riot control force.

“Once again, a minority of thugs who are bothered by our action to reconquer the territory, has spoiled the well-being of those who ask for nothing other than to be able to live serenely," Bron Mayor Jérémie Bréaud reportedly wrote on social media.

Bréaud has reportedly been the target of death threats, with graffiti calling for his beheading being tagged in a public space following a raid on drug traffickers in Bron.

Criminals and gangs in France have become increasingly bold in recent years, engaging in gun battles in the streets, wide-scale ethnic conflicts, and constant combat with police.

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