French Sports Store Suspends Boat Sales to Thwart English Channel Migrants

A major sporting goods retailer has temporarily discontinued sales of small boats in its stores in northwest France amid a historic migration crisis on the English Channel, according to reports.

Decathlon will no longer offer kayaks or canoes in Calais or Grande-Synthe, both known as gathering points for illegals migrants bound for the United Kingdom across the relatively narrow body of water.

"The purchase of these kayaks will no longer be possible in response to the current situation," the company told AFP.

The company says watercraft sold in these locations are being "diverted from their sporting use" and instead used as "boats to cross the Channel."

"It is not the designation which is given to these products, nor their primary utility," Decathlon continued, asserting such usage could "endanger the lives of people who use them as part of a crossing."

Small boats will still be available in most other Decathlon locations, as well as online, the company clarified.

Last year, Infowars Europe reported about a massive surge in demand for kayaks, life jackets, and other related items at the Decathlon store in Calais as migrants prepared for journeys across the English Channel.

Well over 20,000 illegal migrants have already reached British shores so far this year, just as Brexit architect Nigel Farage warned in June.

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