Police Arrest Suspect Writing Arabic on Walls in French Museum - Report

The French SWAT team, RAID, has arrested a suspect who barricaded himself inside a museum on the French Riviera.

Police had taken up position outside a museum in southern France after the man barricaded at roughly 8am local time.

The alarm was raised when cleaning staff could not gain access to the building.

The police established a security cordon and asked the public to avoid the area while they attempted to make contact with the man in the museum, but the situation has been brought under control, as eyewitness video from the scene shows.

According to unnamed police sources cited by French news outlets, the man wrote messages on the walls in Arabic, which referred to the museum and hell. This has yet to be confirmed by officials.

The suspect’s motives remain unclear and authorities currently believe they are dealing with someone suffering from mental illness, rather than it being an act of terrorism, according to statements made by the local prosecutor’s office and cited by French media.

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