Fugitive Iraqi Murder Suspect Arrested on Hungarian Border

An Iraqi murder suspect was arrested on Hungary's southern border, police stated on Monday.

The fugitive, a 22-year-old, was caught while trying to climb a border fence on Friday night, and when officers ran his identification they found an international warrant for his arrest issued by France.

Interestingly, the suspect was caught while trying to leave Hungary, which could be contributed to the country's tighter immigration laws.

"The police have taken action against the alien and the process revealed that the French authorities had issued an international arrest warrant for homicide," the police stated. "The Dacia Duster vehicle, which was used by the Iraqi citizen before being captured, was also detained by investigators, as the French authorities have been circumcised by theft."

Border apprehensions have been on an upswing for Hungary.

Back in June, a Hungarian court sentenced four human smugglers to 25 years in prison each for their respect roles in the suffocation of 71 migrants in a refrigerated truck found on a highway in Austria.

"The principal defendant, an Afghan man, and three Bulgarian accomplices, were found guilty in the southern city of Kecskemet of being part of a criminal organisation and committing multiple crimes, including human smuggling and murder," reported AP. "Ten other defendants, mostly Bulgarians, were given prison terms ranging between three and 12 years."

"Three of the men convicted are fugitives."

The migrant victims included 59 men, eight women and four children from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

(Photo: Anadolu Agency / Getty)

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