Armed, Machete-Wielding Gang Robbing Teens in Sweden

A gang of youths armed with a machete, gun, and other weapons carried out a "brutal" robbery of fellow teens in Täby, Sweden, according to local media.

“At least six black-clad young robbers armed with a gun, baton, knives and machete forced a handful of teenagers and three adults to hand over mobiles, money, jewelry and name-brand clothing,” Mitt i reports.

The victims were reportedly forced to strip off any designer clothing.

"What I understand is that they more or less put a gun to their heads," said a relative of one of the victims.

“They were afraid to come forward. It was quite a traumatic experience to be so violently robbed. The robbers had appeared very, very threatening.”

Despite the crime taking place nearly a week ago, none of perpetrators have been identified or located.

"We are working on the case, but no one is arrested," said a police spokeswoman. "It is a very serious crime. We have to get hold of them."

“We also had a robbery in the subway in the center of Mörby at 4 o'clock in the morning, where one victim had his mobile phone stolen. One might suspect that these are the same perpetrators. There were several masked individuals.”

Gangs are increasingly targeting young people for their mobile phones and designer clothing, especially in the Stockholm area, according to SVT.

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