Gangs Brutally Beat Young Girls, Gay Men in Belgian City Center

Two teenage girls and a pair of gay men were brutally attacked by groups of males in separate incidents this weekend in central Ghent, Belgium, according to local media.

Young females, both aged 15, were with friends after visiting the Ghent Christmas market when a minor misunderstanding aboard a tram turned into a vicious beating at the hands of six teen boys, Het Laatste Nieuws reports.

After being surrounded and intimidated by the gang, the girls were reportedly abandoned by their friends and passengers.

“They were kicked and beaten by the six boys,” SCEPTR reports. “By then the tram driver had seen what was going on and warned the police. The attackers fled immediately.”

“The girls then went to the emergency department of the hospital. They suffered bruises and abdominal muscle tear, among other injuries.”

Also during the weekend, two young men were heading home after a night out when they were set upon by three assailants "probably only because of their orientation," SCEPTR reports.

“Ghent, the most open-minded city in Flanders,” one of the victims, Nick Braekevelt, reportedly wrote on social media. “A liberal bastion where everyone can be themselves. We thought so. Until we were beaten up because we wanted to be ourselves.”

Braekevelt reportedly suffered facial bruising while his partner is recovering from a fractured nose and dental damage.

Police are now reportedly investigating possible 'gay bashing,' saying that the escaped perpetrators are currently being sought.

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