Gangs Set Up Road Blocks in Swedish City

Gangs have set up road blocks in a suburb of Gothenburg, Sweden, amid a surge in violence between warring criminal networks, according to reports.

Vehicles passing through makeshift checkpoints in the Hammarkullen neighborhood of Angered have been inspected by gang members, sources told Sveriges Radio.

“It is completely unacceptable, it is the police who are responsible for order in society and not criminal networks,” said police chief Erik Nord.

"Yesterday we did not really get there before they withdrew. We take this very seriously as it creates a great deal of insecurity.”

The checkpoints were reportedly established following multiple shootings in the area, which authorities believe may be linked.

“We have drawn connections between the events and we believe that it may be part of a serious conflict between criminal networks. That is why we have gathered forces to combat acts of violence,” said Nord, explaining the crisis has been classified as a 'red mode' emergency.

“Now it has turned and there is a conflict between a couple of criminal networks that is escalating. We have a red status with a clear risk of further violence. Red is a situation where there is an immediate and high risk that it may erupt in further violence. And there we are now. It's a serious situation.”

Gang warfare has become an extremely serious issue in many Swedish cities and 'no-go zones.'

The migrant ghetto of Araby in Växjö exploded in violence over the weekend amid a rash of shootings, explosions, car fires, and beatings, according to Fria Tider.

One woman told local media she had fled war in her home country, but was encountering similar circumstances in Araby.

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