'Gay' Migrant Fleeing 'LGBT Persecution' Fathers Two Kids in Ireland

An African migrant fathered two children in Ireland after being granted asylum to escape anti-LGBT persecution in his home country, according to reports.

Irish authorities have realized they don’t know the man’s age, origin, or name — and now doubt his claim he is homosexual.

The man arrived in Ireland over ten years ago, posing as a West African refugee fleeing a “homosexual relationship with a person whose family was threatening to kill him,” the Irish Sun reports.

However, it has been discovered the man has since had two children with an Irish woman, and now prosecutors are pushing for his immediate deportation.

“We’re really still in the dark as to who this person is,” said the Justice Minister’s junior counsel, Sarah Cooney, calling the man’s asylum tale a “complete fabrication.”

Cooney says the man provided “misleading and totally untruthful information” to Irish authorities.

Investigators now believe the man may be from Nigeria, but have no idea about his true identity.

“It’s of great importance that the immigration system isn’t made a mockery of. A false claim for asylum makes a complete mockery of the system,” said Robert Barron, the Justice Minister’s lead asylum attorney.

“There’s no claim of harm to this man if he’s deported. There’s no claim that the children will have to go with him," Barron continued. “There is no need for this man to remain in this country.”

The mystery man is being held in prison while fighting deportation, claiming he must stay in the country for the sake of his children.

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