Dutch Leader Slams "Suicidal" UN Migration Deal

The UN Global Compact for Migration is national and cultural suicide, warn top officials from the Party For Freedom (PVV), led by Dutch MP and anti-Islamization figurehead Geert Wilders.

Marcel de Graaff, Head of the PVV Delegation in European Parliament, has been one of its most outspoken critics in Europarl, releasing a new short video itemizing his party's top concerns about the agreement, which is scheduled to be discussed and signed by dozens of countries in Marrakech, Morocco, on December 10 - 11.

"Illegal migration is combated by creating more legal pathways for migration," PVV says of the compact. "Illegal migration should not be legalized, it should be stopped."

"Our culture will be destroyed."

PVV paraphrased what it felt were troubling objectives and themes found in the compact:

  • "EU citizens should embrace migration and diversity"
  • "The culture of migrants is preserved and our culture is forgotten"
  • "Pro-migration propaganda in schools"
  • "Multicultural festivities should be promoted"
  • "It should become easier for migrants to send remittances to their country of origin"
  • "Migrants are entitled to family reunification, social security benefits and health care"
  • "The ordinary citizen has to pay for these migrants"

PVV also provides a list of countries which have announced their opposition to the compact, including: United States, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Slovakia.

"The global compact is suicide," warns de Graaff. "The EU and its member states should never sign it."

De Graaff delivered a stern rebuke of the compact during a recent press conference, focusing particular attention upon "hate speech" provisions found in the agreement which could effectively criminalize criticism of mass migration and facilitate legal framework to punish individuals or media organizations who do not report favorably on globalist policies.

"This agreement, in our humble opinion, is a coup d'etat by pro-migrant, liberal globalists, and it will greatly benefit multinationals," de Graaff said. "Countries who import the third world will become the third world, and it's absolutely clear that in third world countries, multinationals dictate the rules."

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration can be reviewed here.

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