Geert Wilders Receiving Death Threats Over ‘Draw Mohammed’ Contest

Dutch MP Geert Wilders reports that he is receiving death threats ahead of a planned ‘Draw Mohammed’ event he is hosting in the Netherlands.

Wilders released explicit images sent to him depicting his assassination at the hands of radical Islamists.

“So this is what the followers of the ‘ideology of peace’ send you when you organize something about their so-called prophet,” he tweeted in English and Dutch.

“Soon... very soon the lions of Islam are coming for you coward Wilders,” reads the caption on a cartoon showing Wilders bound in an orange jumpsuit at the feet of jihadists clad in black and wielding swords.

“This is how your life is gonna end you punk... We’ll never spare the blasphemers,” wrote another Twitter user above a photoshopped picture of Wilders being crucified with a jihadist pointing a gun at his head.

Wilders has shared additional images demonstrating the worldwide reaction to his contest, including one in which photos of him are allegedly being burned at a protest in Pakistan.

In June, Wilders announced his Party For Freedom (PVV) will host the contest at their secure offices at Dutch Parliament in The Hague in an effort to promote free speech for critics of Islam.

Over 200 submissions have already been received for the contest, the date of which has yet to be released.

(PHOTO: Geert Wilders / Twitter)

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