Gen Z Support for Brexit Shocks TV Audience

A televised Brexit debate left viewers stunned after a slew of Gen Z participants voiced their support for leaving the European Union and opposition to a second referendum being demanded by 'Remoaners.'

Dubbed #BrexitInbetweeners and held at Leeds Beckett University, the Channel 4 special presentation featured a large group of students aged 18 - 20 who were too young to vote at the time of the referendum in 2016.

"I think the whole campaign actually patronized people and still is," said one fellow. "They've been trying to buy young people off with things like cheap holidays, but they're not talking about the real issues, about the way our country has gone for the last 40 years."

"The EU has locked us into a neo-liberal straightjacket," he continued. "If we want to make real change in Britain, which is what is needed after the complete rejection of the status quo which was the Brexit vote, we need to leave."

After three or four consecutive students also expressed their support for leaving the EU, host Jon Snow seemed concerned to not be hearing any pro-Remain voices.

Snow finally managed to locate a Remainer - a young man who asserted that forcing a second referendum would "mess around with the idea of democracy."

"I feel like having a second referendum is quite dangerous an idea," he said. "People told us it was a once-in-a-generation thing, and then suddenly people are now asking for a second vote."

"Although I would have voted Remain, I feel like it kind of devalues the vote and that you've now set a precedent for what should be a final say."

Reactions on social media reflected shock, horror, and amusement at the show's outcome.

Watch the full debate HERE.

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