German City Clearing Student Housing to Make Way For Migrants

The German city of Braunschweig has announced that buildings currently being rented to students will soon be used to house migrants instead, according to local media.

City officials say increasing 'refugee resettlement' quotas and a tight housing market prompted a decision to begin preparing the facilities for migrants, which was their intended purpose at the time of construction in 2016 and 2017, according to Braunschweiger Zeitung.

"The city built eight homes in 2016 and 2017 to accommodate around 100 refugees each. Six of them have actually been inhabited by refugees ever since," the paper reports.

"Two were initially not needed, because fewer people were assigned to Braunschweig than expected. The city had therefore rented the two locations on the Biberweg in Ölper and on the Mendelssohnstraße in Nordstadt to the Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen."

Leases with Studentwerken will be terminated in September, 2019, and March, 2020, at the respective facilities, and migrants will soon take the place of students in the apartments.

The German government has set a precedent for putting the needs of 'refugees' above those of its citizens or students.

Officials in Görlitz effectively evicted students on short notice from their lodging while some were away for internships and many in the middle of exams, as Junge Freiheit points out.

In another case, an elderly German couple from Neckartailfingen were ordered to vacate their apartment of 24 years after local officials decided it would be perfect for a large group of 'asylum seekers,' as Infowars Europe reported earlier this year.

In Italy, entire hotels have been seized by the government to house migrants (during the prior administration).

Unprecedented censorship and fake news narratives are being pushed by the globalists after the EU election results.

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