German Green Party Members Want to Remove ‘Germany’ From Their Own Manifesto

300 delegates of the German Green Party loathe their own country to such a degree, they are petitioning for the word ‘Germany’ to be removed from their own manifesto.

Yes, really.

The title of the party’s manifesto for the September federal election, which polls show they’re currently favorites for, is ‘Germany. Everything’s in it!’ – although that has caused controversy amongst many members of the party, who want the word deleted altogether.

“Green politics should be based on human dignity and freedom in a globalised world. And not on Germany,” states a motion supported by the delegates.

CDU politician Gordon Hoffmann suggested that a party which evidently loathes its own country to such a degree shouldn’t be in any kind of position to take control of it.

“If the Greens are so ashamed of Germany, why do they want to govern Germany?” he asked.

“You couldn’t make it up,” said Paul Ziemiak, secretary general of Angela Merkel’s CDU.

However, what Chancellor Merkel did to Germany is far worse than the removal of a word from a manifesto.

Despite Merkel once declaring multiculturalism to be a failure, she went on in 2015 to open Germany’s borders to over a million “refugees” with disastrous consequences.

Violent crimes and rapes surged while numerous jihadists exploited the refugee wave to slip into Europe and carry out terrorist atrocities.


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How can anyone be expected to take an injection when the doctors pushing it wont even take it themselves?

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