German Malls, Markets Issuing COVID Bracelets for Approved Shoppers

Shoppings malls and markets in Germany are using a system of coded wrist bands for COVID-compliant shoppers and guests, according to reports.

Under current ‘2G’ regulations, only people who have received experimental COVID injections or have recently recovered from an infection are allowed inside most indoor businesses.

Testing negative for COVID is longer an option to access ‘non-essential’ retail spaces where these mandates are in effect.

Now screening is being conducted at the entrances to large marketplaces and ‘compliant’ guests are being issued bracelets enabling them to enter shops inside.

A spokesperson at the Mall of Berlin information desk explained to Czech media that security guards compare the health data of visitors against their personal identification.

"If everything fits, the shopper receives a paper bracelet on their wrist. At the entrance to other stores in this center, customers no longer have to re-submit documents and vaccination certificate. Just show the bracelet," Euro Zprávy reports.

Asked if he is concerned about "fraudsters" trying to beat the scheme, a guard asserted, "I don't know if it would pay off at all. The name of the department store is printed on the bracelets and the colors of the ribbons change every day."

"The bracelets are also inspected in detail to make sure that it is not re-glued and that the date fits."

Similar systems are reportedly being used in other venues across Germany, including the Christmas market in the city of Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt.

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