Migrant Integration Program a Complete Failure

A German program intended to promote migrant integration will end after proving to be a complete failure.

The 2016 federal program was designed to put migrants to work during their asylum process with odd jobs like cleaning and lawn mowing to improve relations with locals; the original target was to gain 100,000 migrants per year.

But by 2019, only 32,000 asylum seekers participated; migrants being provided for by the state regardless of their participation was cited as a reason, according to a local politician.

"The fact that not even the government's own mini-target of 100,000 working asylum seekers has been reached shows that the motivation of many asylum seekers to work for low pay was not very pronounced,” said Chairman of the Budget Committee Peter Boehringer. “Why? Their supply is 100% guaranteed by the state otherwise - they are not existentially poor even without work.”

He also slammed the "tiny" wage of 80-cents-per-hour for jobs there was no demand for in the first place as another contributing factor to the program's disastrous results.

"The German labor market can offer such non-specialists only small sums of money," said Boehringer. "Even the very low pay of the program would not have been paid by the open labor market, because without government subsidies, there is simply no private demand for these services - not even at a tiny 80 cents an hour.”

In January 2017, officials amended the “100,000 annual gain” requirement out of the directive due to the low turnout; the program is scheduled to end in 2020.

"The refugee integration measures were well-intentioned, but badly done," concluded another local ‘budget expert.’

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