German MP Calls to End "Naive Welcoming Culture" After Latest Migrant-Linked Train Killing

A German official has declared that it is time to end "welcoming culture" for migrants after a young boy was allegedly pushed in front of a train in Frankfurt by an Eritrean man, marking the latest killing of its kind.

Dr. Gottfried Curio, a member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, unloaded on federal officials and immigration policies which have led to de facto open borders, rampant crime, and multiple recent deaths in which migrants are suspected of throwing unsuspecting victims in front of trains.

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I think are all stunned by the events in Frankfurt," Dr. Curio said during a press conference. "What happened? The perpetrator approached the victims, a mother and child, then pushed them onto the train tracks."

"The child is dead. Eyewitnesses collapsed in tears and needed medical attention. It was passers-by who were able to apprehend the perpetrator. Unfortunately this is not an isolated case."

Dr. Curio cited a similar tragedy which unfolded on July 21, when a Kosovar Albanian man with a history of violent behavior allegedly pushed a young mother in front of a train in Voerde, Germany, where she died.

He also referenced another comparable incident in Nuremberg earlier this year in which two people were killed.

"Enough is enough. These murders show once again that it is also necessary to finally end the completely naïve, irresponsible, boundless 'welcoming culture,'" Dr. Curio asserted. "It is no longer acceptable that people with a thirst for killing just walk free everywhere."

"The public space is becoming a space of fear, and a feeling of insecurity is spreading."

Dr. Curio asserted that African and Middle Eastern migrants are transforming German culture through intimidation and acts of violence, especially on public transportation and at gathering places such as swimming pools, a blossoming crisis which Infowars Europe has covered often.

"The railway station, which became the mythical place of the so-called 'welcoming culture,' has now become the symbol of the breakdown of society," Dr. Curio said. "All the while, German politicians are chaffeured from their luxury apartments in black Mercedes taxis to the Bundestag fortress, around which a moat is being built for further protection, as they wall themselves in so that the borders can be left open."

Dr. Curio has released an official statement expressing similar sentiments on his website, calling for an end to mass migration to Europe and strict border controls for Germany.

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A swimming pool in the German city of Düsseldorf has been forced to introduce mandatory ID checks in an effort to stop sexual assaults and rowdy behavior by migrant youths.

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