German Officials Threaten to Abduct Kids Who Show Up to School Without Daily 'Health Certificates'

Children could be kidnapped by the German government if they arrive to school without 'health certificates' that must be signed daily by a parent, officials have warned.

A letter sent to parents of schoolchildren in the German state of Saxony sparked outrage and concern as families were notified of new coronavirus-related 'safety' policies.

Pupils in the state are now obligated to report to school with a form signed every day by a parent affirming that neither the child, nor any member of the household, is infected with COVID-19.

“Please make this confirmation an integral part of your daily routine before your child sets off for school. Give your child the form daily for school - preferably in the so-called pendulum folder," the letter states.

“From 25 May 2020, the school may not accept a child without a daily signed health confirmation. You as a parent are obliged to pick up your child immediately from school if your signature is missing for the specific day. If you do not comply with this, the school is ultimately obliged to involve the public order office - up to the point of taking your child into care.”

A German government website describes the concept of 'taking into care' as "the temporary placement of children or adolescents in a home or a foster family. The youth welfare office can take this measure if the child's well-being in the family is at risk. How long the child is taken out of the family has to be decided individually."

German independent journalist Miró Wolsfeld offered commentary on the letter and its broader implications, blasting authoritarian overreach by the government under the guise of coronavirus safety and prevention.

“The worst thing isn’t filling out the health certificate form itself, but what parents are threatened with if they forget to fill it out or simply don’t want to. The state of Saxony is threatening parents with absolute severity if they don’t comply,” Wolsfeld said.

“The school is obliged to call in the public order office, which could lead to and include taking the child into custody. Yes, you read it right. They really are threatening to take children away from their parents if they don’t fill out this stupid form and give it to their children. That’s how you can tell how that the government is going completely crazy.”

“First, we’re constantly being monitored with whom we go out to dinner, when and where,” he continued. “Now the government threatens to take the children into custody.”

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