Criminal Charges Against Migrant ‘Rescue’ NGOs - Report

German MPs are planning to bring criminal human trafficking charges against NGOs ‘rescuing’ migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, according to a new report.

Breitbart London has laid eyes on a statement endorsed by 42 members of anti-migration party Alternative For Germany (AfD), indicating that the group will formally file the charges this weekend in conjunction with a party conference in Augsburg.

“The Bundestag members plan to bring charges of ‘aid or assisting in illegal immigration repeatedly or on behalf of several foreigners’ against the NGOs SOS Mediterranée, Sea-Watch, Sea-Eye, and Mission Lifeline,” reports Chris Tomlinson.

“Germany is the last country in Europe still keeping its borders open to mass illegal immigration. The activity of these radical left-wing NGOs offers an incitement for illegal migrants to risk their lives on the Mediterranean in unseaworthy craft, and must be stopped,” said Petr Bystron, a spokesman for AfD who is spearheading the initiative.

Bystron called for the Maltese government to impound the NGO vessels Sea-Eye, Sea-Watch 3, and Lifeline and arrest their crew members while AfD files the charges.

“They are making a lot of money with this,” he said. “SOS Mediterranée makes four million [euros] a year, another one, 1.7 million and the smallest one, which has been caught now, a quarter million a year.”

SOS Mediterranée was at the center of an international firestorm earlier this month after Italy and Malta barred it from bringing 630 migrants from African waters, but Spain later welcomed the ship to dock in Valencia after cries to avert a ‘humanitarian crisis’ reached a fever pitch.

The crew of Lifeline created a similar predicament, getting ‘stranded’ at sea with over 200 migrants aboard before being allowed to enter port in Malta days ago after an agreement was reached that eight EU member states would resettle the migrants.

The Italian government has threatened to seize NGO ships and refer their operators to authorities for “facilitating illegal immigration.”

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