German Police Catch African Migrants Stowed Away in Big Rig

Police in Germany apprehended a group of African migrants who had climbed inside a tractor-trailer in hopes of reaching the United Kingdom, according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Thursday morning on the A 59 highway outside the city of Bonn.

A driver noticed a truck was pulling a trailer with a damaged soft cover that appeared to have been slashed and alerted authorities.

When police pulled the truck over, they discovered five men hiding in the cargo area.

"Of course we had to completely block the A 59 for a short time in order to rule out danger," Christoph Wessel of the Autobahn Police in Sankt Augustin told WDR.

"But the men didn't try to run away, they allowed themselves to be arrested without resistance."

The driver, a Croatian national, said he was totally unaware of the stowaways.

It was later discovered that the migrants had illegally boarded the vehicle in Belgium, hoping it would take them to the Britain.

However, they realized their mistake after riding hundreds of miles in the wrong direction and attempted to escape.

"Such operations are already becoming more frequent," Wessel explained.

"In our watch area, they are rather rare, which has to do with the geographical location. But our colleagues in Broichweiden, who are active in the border triangle, have such missions more often."

The driver was able to patch the damaged tarpaulin and continue on his way.

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