German Police Chief Investigated for Illegally Returning Murder Suspect From Iraq

Germany’s head of federal police is under investigation for illegally repatriating a rape-murder suspect from Iraq.

Dieter Romann personally traveled to northern Iraq’s Kurdish region to secure suspect Ali Bashar in a move that could have been illegal, according to a local prosecutor's office.

“There is a suspicion of deprivation of liberty, said the office. "A preliminary investigation [has been] initiated."

Despite Kurdish authorities’ cooperation in arresting and handing Bashar to Romann, Baghdad asserts that no formal extradition agreement between Germany and Iraq had been agreed upon.

Correspondingly, German prosecutors in Frankfurt have opened an investigation of Romann for his actions.

Bashar was a suspect in the high-profile violent rape and murder of 14-year-old Susanna Feldman that rocked Germany in May.

Now in custody in Frankfurt, Bashar has confessed to Susanna’s murder but denies the rape.

Additionally, Bashar is reportedly the suspect in the rape of an 11-year old girl as well as minor crimes he was never charged with.

Bashar lived in refugee housing in the German city Wiesbaden at the time of the crime before he fled to his home country in Northern Iraq.

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