German Police Drop Probe of Reported Rape of 10-Year-Old Boy by Migrant Classmates

German officials are ending a criminal investigation into the alleged rape of 10-year-old boy by classmates from Syria and Afghanistan, saying the suspected perpetrators are too young to prosecute, according to reports.

The story recently sent shockwaves through Germany when local media revealed the young child had allegedly been the victim of a premeditated, violent sexual assault carried out by three migrant students during a field trip to Kröchlendorff Castle.

"We f**k you today," the victim was told before later being raped by a 10-year-old Afghan boy, who was assisted by 11-year-old accomplices from Afghanistan and Syria, Berliner Zeitung reported.

Two additional classmates also reportedly witnessed the episode, but only when the victim's friend shared the story with a teacher over a week later was any action taken by authorities.

Officials now say there is little they can do to penalize the suspected perpetrators due to their young age.

The accused rapist's collaborators have reportedly been transferred to different schools, while the main culprit may receive schooling alternatives as he can "no longer attend normal school."

"We want to exhaust all legal possibilities that the main perpetrator does not attend regular school, but experiences special schooling," said a spokeswoman for the Berlin School Administration.

The main perpetrator allegedly had a prior history of beating up and intimidating classmates, and Berliner Zeitung reports the school is in a "social hotspot," known for frequent violence and where even very young students have "little respect for teachers, talking in fecal language."

News of the case comes amid heated protests in Chemnitz, Germany, where residents have been voicing their outrage over mass migration in the wake of the death of a local carpenter, who is suspected to have been murdered by Iraqi and Syrian migrants.

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