German MP Raises Alarm Over Left-Wing Extremists Pouring Into Berlin “From All Around Europe”

German authorities evicted dozens of left-wing radicals from a squat house in Berlin that had been occupied for decades.

Some 2,500 German officers were deployed to the capital in anticipation of violent riots by Antifa, who had summoned reinforcements from around Europe for a weekend of retaliatory chaos, MP Petr Bystron of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party explained to Infowars Europe.

"The left-extremists have occupied those houses for 30 years," MP Bystron said. "This is the first time I can remember that the authorities are cleaning up one of those houses."

After an early-morning eviction of the building – known as "Liebig 34" – squatters and left-wing activists vowed revenge against the property owner and other "capitalists."

"The massive police presence here is because the left-extremists from all around Europe have come to Berlin and said they are going to attack the police, they are going to attack the judges, the buildings. So, we are all expecting extremist attacks today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow," Bystron explained.

Police in Berlin remained on high-alert throughout the weekend amid major protests and reports of scattered violence.

German MP Petr Bystron brings Infowars Europe to the Berlin headquarters of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) implicated in migrant smuggling operations in the Mediterranean region and elsewhere.

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