German Police Stoned by Migrants While Probing Death at Asylum Center

Police officers were attacked and hit with stones during their attempt to investigate the death of a woman at an asylum center in Regensburg, Germany.

Following the death of a 31-year-old Nigerian woman at a so-called 'anchor center' in Bavaria, authorities hoping to retrieve the woman's body and probe the circumstances of her passing were beaten back by rioting migrants in a standoff that lasted for hours, according to local media.

"Officers described an atmosphere of high emotion inside the facility as 40-50 asylum-seekers prevented them from recovering the woman's body," Deutsche Welle reports.

"A large-scale police operation was launched involving 20 patrol cars and 50 police officers, but no one was arrested."

After approximately three hours, an arrangement was made whereby migrants were allowed to carry the woman's body out of the facility and to a waiting vehicle.

"The mood among sections of the population was heated, so a recovery of the body was not possible," a police spokesman said of the hostile stalemate.

The woman is survived by her three children, ages 3, 5, and 9, who are now in the care of Youth Welfare Services, and an investigation into her death is ongoing.

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