German Cop Strangled by Foreign Nationals

German cops were beaten, with at least one strangled, during a routine stop at a hookah bar just north Düsseldorf.

Violent crime against police by people who disregard the nation’s "values and legal system" is a frequent occurrence in today’s Germany, according to a police spokesperson's comments to Bild.

“These attacks are now unfortunately everyday,” said the spokesperson. “We cannot except that.”

The incident began with two police officials stopping at a hookah bar late Friday night for a routine check to see if there were any minors present; shortly after, they were met with insults from the bar’s Lebanese denizens and then confronted by one of the male patrons.

Upon attempting to verify the identity of the man, the officers were attacked by several "Lebanese-born" men that then triggered a melee where the officials were kicked, beaten and strangled.

Before two employees could rescue the officers and break up the fight, the female officer was seen receiving a "forceful" kick to the lower abdomen.

"It was a [routine] check that did not have to escalate,” said the police. “We will continue to send a patrol crew to such operations in the future. That must be possible!”

"These people do not want to stick to our values and legal system. We must not accept that - as a whole society!”

After managing to arrest just one of the assailants (the rest had escaped), the policewoman that had been kicked was incapacitated with bruises on her neck and rushed to the hospital.

The Hookah bar, located in Essen, Germany, is reportedly a meeting place for a Lebanese family clan.

Correspondingly, the family of the 17-year-old that was arrested traveled to the police station and intimidated the officials present by threatening to “mobilize” their family.

Across Europe, officials have warned that parallel or “shadow" societies are on the rise among migrants and foreign nationals who refuse to assimilate.

(PHOTO: João Pimentel Ferreira via Wikimedia Commons)

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