German Officials Now Pushing to Import Migrants, House Them In Hotels Amid Pandemic

Politicians in Germany are working to import migrants waiting on islands in Greece, arguing they can be housed in private hotels currently empty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dirk Behrendt, a Greens Party member serving as Minister of Justice and Anti-Discrimination in Berlin, is demanding some 1,500 'underage' migrants be resettled in the capital region, according to Junge Freiheit.

"We have a lot of vacant hotels in Berlin that could also be used to accommodate refugees," Behrendt reportedly said during a recent interview.

"We have capacities," he asserted. "The fact that the people of Lesbos [Greece] live in makeshift tents in the rain and cold is unworthy of the European Union."

Behrendt, along with other German officials and activists, are calling for private accommodations to be used for migrant resettlement, including hotels, vacation rentals, and church-owned properties.

"If something does not happen very quickly at the federal level - and for me that is more a matter of hours than days - then Berlin is also willing to take its own steps together with civil society organizations and fly people from Lesbos," Behrendt said.

“It is very difficult to justify why the federal government managed to fly more than 170,000 holidaymakers from all over the world within a few days in the corona crisis, and at the same time failed to free the refugees on Lesbos from their intolerable situation and bring them to Germany.”

Behrendt's demands echo those of the Refugee Council of Lower Saxony, which is pressuring German authorities to relocate migrants from 'crowded' reception facilities into private accommodations around the country to 'protect their health' during the crisis, as Infowars Europe recently reported.

The Chinese Communist Party’s official spokesperson at the Ministry of Truth has released a statement exclusively to Alex Jones and Infowars.

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