German Populist Party Forced to Cancel Event Amid Antifa Terrorism, Government Pressure

Germany’s leading conservative-populist party has been forced to cancel a planned gathering after Antifa thugs terrorized owners of an event hall and local officials imposed last-minute restrictions.

The Berlin chapter of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), the largest opposition party in Germany, was set to hold an annual meeting on Oct. 25th.

Acquiring venues for AfD confabs are often high-stress endeavors due to threats and intimidation from extreme-left radicals, party officials explained to Infowars Europe.

After more than 150 rejections, AfD managed to secure a wedding hall in the Marzahn borough of Berlin.

Days later, a group of masked extremists stormed the business shouting, “No room for the AfD,” as more than 60 protested outside.

Owner Tatjana G., an immigrant who fled the Soviet Union, stood her ground, saying her business has suffered greatly due to coronavirus restrictions.

"I have to rent, otherwise we will go bankrupt at some point,” she told RT Deutsch, adding that she is more afraid of financial ruin than Antifa.

Dozens of Antifa also turned up at a hotel owned by Tatjana’s husband, demanding the AfD event be canceled.

Vadim Derksen, head of the AfD youth wing in Berlin, says he was mobbed while trying to take photographs of the demonstration, and had to be escorted to his car by five police officers.

Vadim Derksen

The next night, windows in the hotel were smashed and walls were spray-painted with the warning, “No AfD.”

AfD members quickly repaired the damages and painted over the graffiti.

Vadim Derksen

Incredibly, local authorities reportedly showed little motivation to prevent continued threats and attacks, instead inferring that doing business with AfD might simply be a risk not worth taking.

Party officials believe top-down orders may have been issued to prevent the congress from taking place.

Following a building inspection, event organizers were initially told they must reduce the number of attendees due to fire code restrictions.

The next day, authorities told planners that no gatherings of any size could be held at the hall due to additional ‘safety concerns.’

AfD says they have been left with no choice but to cancel the event and are now trying to reschedule for a later date.

Vadim Derksen, head of the youth wing of the Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD) in Berlin, tells Infowars Europe about multiple scuffles he has had with Antifa after they attacked him and others.

(PHOTO: Vadim Derksen)

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