German Refugee Org Wants Migrants In Hotels, Holiday Homes Due to Coronavirus

A refugee organization in Germany is demanding migrants be moved from asylum centers into hotels, vacation rentals, and church apartments due the coronavirus outbreak.

The Refugee Council of Lower Saxony is pressuring state and local authorities to relocate migrants from 'crowded' reception facilities into private accommodations around the country to 'protect their health' during the crisis.

"In order to ensure that those affected are accommodated elsewhere, holiday homes, hotel rooms and pensions must be rented nationwide," the Council said in a statement. "Due to the crisis, these premises are currently empty anyway."

All migrants must have access to WiFi in their bedrooms - not just hallways or common rooms, the Council says.

“Due in particular to the isolation associated with the corona pandemic, it is essential that residents can network, inform and, above all, communicate with other people via the digital media,” said Muzaffer Öztürkyilmaz, an advisor to the Council.

Migrants should be relocated as close to their asylum centers as possible, the Council has urged.

The group is also calling for all rooms in asylum centers to be reduced to single occupancy.

“Because refugees live in confined spaces in multiple rooms and not only have to share large kitchens or canteens, but also sanitary facilities with many others, the risk of infection for them is increased many times over," Öztürkyilmaz said.

There are 47,300 confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany at the time of this writing.

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