Suspected Terror Group Recruiter Arrested in Germany

German special forces arrested a Syrian man suspected of promoting and being a member of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization.

The 22-year-old suspect is under the “urgent suspicion” of publishing violent propaganda promoting the IS cause to potential followers.

“Two publications contained concrete instructions on how to participate in the Islamic State,” said an official linked to the case.

The unnamed suspect reportedly describes himself as a “media worker” for his roles in publishing violent recruitment propaganda and his administrator duties over publicly accessible messaging apps.

Video files and images depicting torture and executions were among the propaganda linked to the man who has officially been active since September 2017.

Correspondingly, the same town houses a mosque that preaches the devout Islamic ideology Salafism, according to local law enforcement monitoring the building.

"At least since mid-2017, the Salafist ideology has been disseminated through Friday sermons and lessons,” reads an official report. “The sermons, teaching units, Koran interpretations etc. are also published on separate YouTube channels.”

250 people reportedly attend those Friday sermons of Salafism, which is the ideology often associated with ISIS that typically preaches the conquering of non-believers.

Germany’s Salafi population is on the rise as major cities like Berlin have experienced a doubling of that particular sect of Islam.

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