German State Media Calls For Tenfold Expansion of Islamic Education In Schools

German public media company Deutsche Welle (DW) has published the findings of a study asserting that Islamic education in public schools could be increased more than tenfold to accommodate demand.

The survey, conducted by Mediendienst Integration, found that approximately 54,000 students across 800 schools are enrolled in ‘Islamic religion classes,’ but that as many as 800,000 children could potentially be interested.

“Experts say religion classes encourage integration and counter extremism,” DW reports.

According to a professor of Islamic studies at the University of Osnabrück, the two major hurdles preventing expansion of Islamic education offerings are a lack of support from school directors, and a shortage of teachers, leaving one to wonder if the German government will begin recruiting clerics from abroad to handle the task of proselytizing to school children on the taxpayer dime.

However, one teacher - an atheist - whose school is comprised of 95% Muslim students, vehemently opposes the idea of incorporating additional Islamic instruction, contending that Christian values should be taught, if at all.

"If you asked my Muslim students they probably would say they would like Islamic lessons at school, but I would be like: No way! You go to mosque anyway — you don't need to have it at school as well," she said. "If they should have any lessons in that kind of thing, then probably for them it would be good to learn about the Christian culture."

“I think anything that is about how you practice that religion should be outside school. That's why we have the division of church and state.”

Susanne Wiesinger, a veteran teacher in Austria, went public last month with her concerns over the Islamization of her school district, where 30,000 students are taking Islamic education classes.

She warned that deep cultural rifts have formed as a result of a mass influx of Muslim pupils whose parents deeply resent the Western educational environment, often preventing their children from integrating into Austrian culture or even learning proper German.

"I believe that the difference between their world at home and our world is so large that they cannot reconcile them," Wiesinger said. "The Shariah is, for many of my students, surely superior. This is the most important thing - to be a good Muslim man or a good Muslim woman."

"Music and dance are rejected on religious grounds. Also, fights and discussions break down more and more often along religious lines."

The German government recently pledged to accept a fresh wave of 10,000 mostly-Muslim ‘refugees’ at the EU’s request, adding to more than 2 million immigrants the country has absorbed since 2015.

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