German State TV Celebrates Coronavirus For Killing Off Humans

A “satire” piece for German state television celebrates the spread of coronavirus because it is killing people in developed nations who are responsible for climate change.

The presenter of the piece asserts that the planet is “practically healing itself” and that the virus is “fair” because “old people are piling up while the young survive effortlessly.”

“That’s simply justice, because for the last 50 years the 65+ generation has driven the planet into a wall,” says the presenter.

The fact that people with cardiovascular disease are also dying in greater numbers is also somehow a good thing because a lot of Americans have it and America is bad for encouraging financial growth.

The piece also lauds the collapse of global air traffic and the reduction of air pollution in China, claiming this will lead to a “green paradise” and that there are “too many of us” anyway.

“So the coronavirus is probably just a beautiful and sensible reflex of nature that shows humans who is actually in charge,” states the presenter before adding, “Corona is here, because we don’t deserve better.”

Whether the piece is satire or not, all of this is what contemporary environmentalists actually believe and many of them hold views that are even more extreme.


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