Germany: 76-Year-Old Among Victims of Weekend Sex Attacks by 'Foreign Men'

A 76-year-old is among the victims of attacks and sexual assaults by 'foreign' male suspects during the weekend across Germany, according to local media.

In Schleswig-Holstein, an elderly woman, 76, was reportedly harassed by a man with a "southern appearance" before he violently groped her and inflicted injuries that required hospitalization.

"The suspect was a man who may already have been known to the police for similar crimes," a police spokesperson told Junge Freiheit.

In Hanover, police arrested two Afghan men who were suspected in the rape of a 38-year-old woman while on her way home from a laundromat at night.

"One of the two spoke to her and demanded sexual intercourse, which the woman refused," a police spokesperson said.

The men pursued the woman, eventually catching her and raping her.

After she managed to escape, she called police and gave a description matching the two suspects who were apprehended near the crime scene but later released.

In Heidelberg, two men of "Eastern European" appearance are suspected of sexually assaulting and beating a woman, 21, who rejected their advances outside a pub.

"One of the men then grabbed her by the arm, while the other man punched her in the face with his fist and told her that he would not accept a 'no' from a woman," police say.

In Eppelheim, police are searching for a man with a "dark complexion" who is suspected of sexually attacking a young woman, 18, on a walking path.

Westerners are being conditioned to submit to social justice mobs and the cult of multiculturalism.

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