ISIS Supporters Arrested in Germany After Plotting to Bomb 'As Many Infidels' As Possible

German police have thwarted a major attack planned by three suspects who support ISIS, according to reports.

Three men were arrested in Offenbach, suspected of plotting to kill “infidels” using explosives and weapons, according to Frankfurt prosecutor Nadja Niesen.

“The main suspect arrested on Tuesday is a 24-year-old German of Macedonian origin who wanted to manufacture explosives and tried to buy a weapon online,” Euronews reports. “His two suspected accomplices are Turkish nationals aged 22 and 21.”

“The suspects are believed to have told people they were IS supporters, Niesen said, adding she thought all three were known to police.”

Police reportedly discovered bomb-making substances and equipment during raids of the suspects’ homes, as well as documents and electronic data.

While the attack was believed to have been planned for the Rhine-Main metropolitan region, no specific targets have yet been identified.

Police hope to gather more information from evidence seized.

“The intervention occurred in time to prevent a concrete threat,” Niesen said, explaining that the men hoped to massacre “as many people, so-called unbelievers, as possible.”

BBC struggles to discover the reason that Sweden has suddenly been hit by a rash of bombings.

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