Germany Averaging Nearly Two Gang Rapes Daily as More Than Half of Suspects 'Foreign'

Nearly two gang rapes are taking place in Germany every day with 'foreigners' accounting for more than half of all suspects, according to reports.

The shocking data was recently uncovered by German MP Stephan Brandner of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party after he filed a request for information from the federal government.

A total of 677 gang rapes were recorded in 2021, a massive increase from around 300 in 2018.

Suspects were identified in 462 of the cases, the majority of whom were foreign nationals, Junge Freiheit reports.

MP Brandner slammed the de facto 'importation' of crime and criminals.

"The proportion of non-German suspects recorded is 47 percent, combined with a proportion of foreigners in Germany of around 13 percent," he said.

Germany reportedly only records German citizenship of suspects in such crimes, and does not document ethnic background or other nationalities.

Brandner says the German government should be focused on preventing such heinous crimes from being perpetrated by foreigners.

"Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser should finally address this issue and fight resolutely to ensure that such conditions no longer exist in Germany," he said.

The number of gang rapes in Germany has exploded since 2015, when nearly two million migrants hailing mostly from the Middle East and Africa were welcomed into the country by the Merkel regime.

Concurrently, the proportion of foreign suspects in group sex attacks has also surged.

If we are unwilling to come together and lawfully police our elected leaders then we don’t deserve freedom.

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