German Authorities Seeking "Social Circle" of Patient With Region's First Case of Coronavirus

The first case of the new strain of coronavirus has been registered in southern Germany, the Health Ministry of the state of Bavaria said in a statement.

"A man from the Starnberg district has been infected with a new type of coronavirus. This was announced by a representative of the Bavarian Health Ministry in Munich late on Monday," the statement read.

According to Bavaria's infectious diseases task force, the patient is in good condition and has been placed under quarantine and medical supervision.

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The authorities are currently working on determining the patient's social circle so as to inform the people he may have been in contact with about the disease's symptoms and transmission, and the rules of hygiene.

The new strain of coronavirus was originally reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December and has since spread to other countries.

Despite this, the World Health Organization has not yet designated it as a global health emergency.

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