Germany: Ex-Intel Chief Calls For Investigation Into Handling of 'Refugee' Crisis

A former top ranking official in German security and intelligence has called for an investigation into the Merkel administration's handling of the 'refugee' crisis since 2014.

Hans-Georg Maassen, president of Germany's domestic security agency until 2018, told local media a Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry should be established to examine the federal government's management of mass migration into the country in recent years.

"Many people, especially in the new federal states, simply expect that everything that went wrong at the time will be dealt with unreservedly," Maassen said in an interview with Nordkurier. "If one has made a mistake, then one must also stand by it, also within the framework of a committee of inquiry."

While opposition parties such as Alternative For Germany (AfD) and Free Democratic Party (FDP) have reportedly demanded such an inquiry, the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU), of which Maassen and Chancellor Angela Merkel are members, have refused to launch such a probe.

Maassen says the CDU and federal government have failed to "cool down the social climate" through lack of transparency and silencing of critics of mass migration and transformation of Germany society.

"It is repeatedly claimed that law and order were violated at the time, and there are also serious critics," he said.

Maassen asserts that a paper trail could be established and officials might be enabled to speak freely about their decisions regarding the welcoming of over one million migrants from Africa and the Middle East into Germany in the past four years.

African migrants crossing into the U.S. and Europe have been found to be carrying large wads of cash.


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