Germany: Janitor Scalped By Machete-Wielding Iraqi Suspect

A guesthouse in Munich, Germany, was the scene of a brutal attack upon a caretaker by a machete-wielding Iraqi suspect, according to local media.

An argument regarding a defective sprinkler system between the female owner of the boarding house and suspect led to the arrival of a janitor attempting to mitigate the dispute.

"In the course of the verbal altercation, the suspect suddenly punched the janitor with his fists and dragged him into a room where he subsequently attacked the defenseless man with a machete he had taken from a cupboard," Tag 24 reports. "Several times he hit the head of the 37-year-old with the weapon."

Local publication Tz also reported on the incident, and a hard-copy photo of the paper has been circulating online.

"The caretaker suffered severe injuries during the brutal attack and his head skin was partially scalped," Tz reports. "The perpetrator remained in his room after the act of violence and had to be overwhelmed and arrested by special forces police."

Journalist Watch notes the attack has received little online coverage, despite catching the eye of observant Munich locals.

"There are horror reports that do not even make it into the online editions of local newspapers," they write. "We received this newspaper clipping by e-mail."

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