Germany Lowering Language, Physical Fitness Standards For Police Recruits

New recruits for Germany’s federal police force will face relaxed requirements for language proficiency and physical fitness, according to reports.

The Bundespolizei is looking to attract more potential officers amid a national shortage, and authorities hope citizens of other countries might be interested in joining the ranks.

“The newspapers of the Funke Media Group reported on the changes, noting that physical fitness requirements as well as the language level in exams have been changed,” Deutsche Welle (DW) reports. “The German-language portion of the exam currently consists of a 180-word dictation, according to the report.”

“For recruits looking to join the ‘middle-level’ of police service, authorities have also ‘slightly raised’ the number of mistakes they are allowed to make in the test in order to still secure a passing grade.”

Middle-level Bundespolizei officers conduct customs checks at Germany’s border, patrol train stations and airports, and also provide security at demonstrations, DW explains.

Officials say adjustments to the language test were implemented “in order to allow a larger applicant pool to continue to participate in the subsequent parts of the exam.”

In the fitness portion of the test, push-ups and standing long jumps will be replaced by shuttle runs.

Additionally, height requirements for male and female recruits have been abolished.

German officials say they “hope to appeal to other EU-citizens.”

Last year, an anonymous whistleblower identified as officer "Lee Roy" leveled a shocking claim that the Berlin police academy was lowering standards for some new recruits in order to enable more migrants to join the force.

"Of course it’s well known that the Berlin police are in need of personnel, and that’s why they’re trying to employ anyone at this time, and so they turn a blind eye," Roy told German media in a televised interview. "They want to raise the migrant quota working for the Berlin Police.”

"And so they had to think about: how do we get more migrants into the agency when they can’t master the current tests? So they were given a memo with the answers on it, so they could pass the tests in any case."

When asked to address the allegations, police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf expressed his frustration that "anonymous" whistleblowers are "putting accusations into the world" that are "very, very hard to rebut."

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