Germany: Man Killed During Dispute Between Father, Son and Armed 'Foreigners' at Fair

A 40-year-old man was fatally shot when a group of 'youths' clashed with a father and son at a funfair in Germany last week, according to reports.

The tragic incident unfolded on Saturday evening in Lüdenscheid, a city in the Sauerland region.

Initially, a 16-year-old boy was ambushed by a half-dozen young males of 'southern appearance' at the festival, authorities say.

German police often use the term "Südländer" (Southerner) to describe individuals of non-European background who are typically 'refugees' or have 'migration backgrounds.'

Shortly after the scuffle, the group was confronted by the young man and his 52-year-old father.

"The foreigners then run away. Father and son run after them," Junge Freiheit reports. "Now a chase scene develops like in a detective story: The migrants shoot at father and son from two guns as they flee. Miraculously, they remain unharmed."

"But one bullet hits a 40-year-old from Gummersbach, who is standing at the exit of the fair. He probably had nothing to do with the confrontation."

The suspects, described as six males between the ages of 16 and 20, fled into a nearby residential area.

At least one suspect was arrested after security services raided an apartment in the area, but no further information was made available to the public.

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