Migrant Activist’s Moroccan Murderer Sentenced to Life in Prison

The Moroccan murderer of a pro-migration activist in Germany has been handed a life prison sentence, according to reports.

Truck driver Boujemaa L., 42, argued that the killing was accidental, but a Bavarian court convicted him of killing Sophia Lösche and sentenced him to life in prison.

Ms. Lösche’s body was reportedly discovered in Spain after she went missing in summer of 2018, as Infowars Europe reported at the time.

"Her body was found a week later in northern Spain, buried in a shallow grave on the side of a road," Deutsche Welle reports. "Boujemaa L., originally from Morocco, was found and arrested. Reports in Spanish and German media indicated that police were able to find the 42-year-old suspect quickly because of gas station surveillance footage and Sophia having texted the license plate number of the vehicle to her friends."

"A medical examiner found that the German student had died after a severe beating that likely occurred after she began arguing with Boujemaa L., who said he did not intend to kill her."

The disappearance of Ms. Lösche gripped Germans for days, as many speculated upon her whereabouts amid an international manhunt after she disappeared from a gas station near Leipzig in June of 2018.

Lösche was affiliated with the pro-migrant group “No Borders Kitchen,” which works with migrants on the Greek island of Lesbos, where thousands have landed after crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe.

Dan Lyman joins The Alex Jones Show to shed light on the growing immigration crisis in Europe.


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